Dear friends,

‘Awareness- Training- Innovation’. Relate them to apiculture and you have the ‘GOLDEN HIVE FOUNDATION’. It is an effort to redefine beekeeping and honey from what it is to what it ought to be. It is also a ‘honey bee conservation to livelihood initiative’- an attempt to propagate the honey bees in their natural environs.

Apiculture – properly understood and practiced is a perfect mix of skill development, income generation and capacity building. However, there is an immediate need to create a better understanding of the bees, a better environment for the bees and a relationship of progress between the bees and the human beings. It is important to simplify beekeeping and it is equally important to create responsible beekeepers.

The need therefore is to associate and create small areas of excellence in remote, inaccessible and generally neglected areas of India to transform and realize the true potential of apiculture.


Poonam Gupta