GOLDEN HIVE FOUNDATION is entrusted with women to further strengthen the vision and goal of organization. The Trustees, all women, with diverse backgrounds, bring in creativity, initiative, experience, talent, synergy, and the necessary geographical reach to address the interrelated issues of skill development, income generation, capacity building.and women self-reliance.


  • To generate awareness about the amazing role of bees – especially as pollinators and honey producers,
  • To address the immediate necessity of improving bee ecology.
  • To practice and promote sustainable beekeeping and to maintain and manage demonstration apiaries.
  • To conduct training and consultancy assignments and support research in all aspects of honey bee management and conservation.
  • To promote production of source specific uni-floral honey and assist provide it to the end consumers in its natural, raw, unprocessed and organic form- the way the honey bees made it.
  • To constantly explore and create opportunities of backward and forward integration in Apiculture.