A  passionate beekeeper, Rakesh has an excellent understanding of the complex yet simple nature of bees –  Apis Mellifera, Apis Cerena/Indica and the stingless bees. He practices migratory beekeeping and in his quest of source specific unifloral honey has travelled widely – from coastal areas to 4000 meters above sea level. Realizing the region specific strengths and weaknesses of both kinds of bees, he has also perfected the art of micro-beekeeping on a static concept with minimum human intervention.

He has always supported the concept of unprocessed raw honey – unheated and only gravity filtered. His attachment to the cause of perfect raw honey is reflected in his thoughtful design of new bee boxes and new designer frames with focus on producing comb honey. His territorial reach has enabled him to provide an excellent range of finest unifloral honey for the connoisseur, which includes wild thymemixed citrusacacia, buckwheatclover, cajanus and many other honey varietals.

Rakesh brings with him experience, exposure, passion and new ideas for beekeeping and is always ready to be associated with any beekeeping effort. Realizing that beekeeping is not only about honey, he visualizes immense possibilities of backward and forward integration. Can independently handle training sessions and effectively impart his bee-keeping know how – perfected over the years.

He is always willing to discuss beekeeping related issues and render advice to others – on Email and WhatsApp too.