By Karnika Palwa
05th Feb 2019

An experience that has opened my mind one more notch. I had the fortune of learning the basics of urban beekeeping under the caring guidance of Golden Hive Foundation. 🐝

The world of bees is fascinating beyond compare to any other. Every action and every element of the bee colony has an indispensable purpose. If it does not serve the larger purpose of the colony where the purpose of the colony is to thrive in the best health possible, it ceases to exist. No hard feelings! 🐝

I never imagined I would gather the courage to feed bees. I now call it the ‘honey bee spa’ and in fact asked for more bee feeding sessions.  I wasn’t stung even once in spite of feeding perhaps 15 bees at a time on my fingers. All this was possible simply because the founders love their bees like family. They even talk to their bees in that loving language. They work with their bees each day just like them – with all the might they have! 🐝

The mentors made ample space for discussion in the classroom apart from rendering hand holding guidance while working with the bees on the site. They made me enough comfortable to feed on their brains for the whole of two days of the workshop time. No doubt was considered petty and in fact became a starting point for new threads of informative interactions. Our conversations led us to climate change related threats on bees to compromises in honey on the shelves to work efficiency to essence of life itself! 🌱

I was taken on a tour to appreciate the ethereal kingdom of bees and found myself incredibly inspired. There were some sweet life lessons to take away, literally too! 🍯

Happy Fourth Birthday @goldenhivefoundation

May your kind and your colony flourish! 🐝



Ms. Neeru Gola
Volunteer – Trainee

Tell me and i forget, teach me and i remember, involve me and i learn

– Benjamin Franklin

After having attended NBB training out of randomness, curiosity urged me to explore this unfamiliar area more. And my request to involve me in on sight & off sight tasks got promptly accepted by Golden Hive Foundation.

Sir, this training was informative, enjoyable and have learnt lots from it. Your understanding, philosophy, endurance needs to be adapted to simplify life. Your candid approach and a deep insight into the subject kept me awake, alert and taught me how we all can co exist by being supportive to each other, dwell on each other abilities, be karmic, be respectful to every being and stay determined.

I cherish days spent on field, as there i could put my lessons learnt on test. Be it observing health and progress in the boxes or locating eggs or rush to find queen bee or honey bee waggle dance or planting experimental hives or tool handling or box quality and maintenance and various actions required in a given situation on the same day.

Interaction with the well versed team was so motivating. They exhibit planning, control, pro activeness, thoughtfulness required in apiculture.

During honey extraction day seeing sun gleaming through huge honey droplets was irresistible for my taste glands.

Please accept my gratitude for extending your help, support, time and patience to such a novice.

I recommend this training to all for an enriching, refreshing experience. Rakesh sir does not keep you confined to an area but let you explore, ask questions and get answered by mother nature herself.

Don’t miss out on the honey tasting session!